May 11, 2011

Make your own foundation!

If you like i, are having an issue with finding the perfect match for your skin tone in foundations, this tip might help. I have a yellowish/ olive skin tone which is really hard to match , there fore i have to make my own color. I use the Laura Mercier Silk Cream Foundation, this foundation even though its the closest match to my skin tone it still appears a bit too dark, so i have to add a pinch of Revlon's Photo Ready Vanilla ( really light) to get the perfect color match, and let me tell you its is dead on! You might think that a pro makeup artist has all the foundation colors in the color wheel but a smart makeup artist doesn't, most artist have 4 shades; the darkest, the lightest, and 2 colors in between, with these four shades one is able to create the perfect skin color match for all skin tones.

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