May 18, 2011


We all love to look our best but I know that not all of us where born with the beauty chip. What better way to learn the basics of makeup application than a make-up party with your closes friends? 

It’s all about learning those pro make-up techniques, such as the smoky eye or the perfect cat eye.

Besides the obvious, this is perfect for a one on one skin tone perfection and color coordination with your skin tone. 
Find out the perfect colors that best suit your hair, eyes, and skin.
These parties also focus on skin maintenance and proper cleansing by teaching how to make your own home made moisturizers and facial scrubs, which are cheap and work just as good or better than those high-end products.

Make-up parties include a Make-up kit suited to each individual’s needs, Pro brushes, home made scrubs and moisturizers, and those fancy magnifying mirrors.

Whether its a Party of two, a bridal party, or a special one on one with a teenager, these parties are an essential need for the young as well as the mature, teaching all that is essential yet forgotten in school curriculum’s.

We are more than excited to announce that we will be offering a Make-up party package soon!!!
They will be customizable, meaning that you can ask for specific techniques or looks, a Halloween makeup-party for example.

May 12, 2011

PROM 2011

Prom this year seemed to be more fashion driven than ever, the prettiest dresses we have ever seen and girls where very open to makeup looks.

Bridal Makeover by QuickFix

Both Hair and Makeup provided by QuickFix

May 11, 2011

Make your own foundation!

If you like i, are having an issue with finding the perfect match for your skin tone in foundations, this tip might help. I have a yellowish/ olive skin tone which is really hard to match , there fore i have to make my own color. I use the Laura Mercier Silk Cream Foundation, this foundation even though its the closest match to my skin tone it still appears a bit too dark, so i have to add a pinch of Revlon's Photo Ready Vanilla ( really light) to get the perfect color match, and let me tell you its is dead on! You might think that a pro makeup artist has all the foundation colors in the color wheel but a smart makeup artist doesn't, most artist have 4 shades; the darkest, the lightest, and 2 colors in between, with these four shades one is able to create the perfect skin color match for all skin tones.

May 10, 2011

Great inexpensive finds at Target and ULTA.

All this time i have been double thinking purchasing some stuff online because of the shipping charge, but to my surprise there are a few store around my area that carry what i need. Lets start by Target. Imagine my surprise when i stumbled up on e.l.f at Target. Yes i have found some random e.l.f products at some dollar stores and Big Lots, usually one eyeshadow here and a lip gloss there but never the full collection. well head to Target!! they have the full collection including brushes and face wipes. what makes me so excited about e.l.f being so accessible without shipping is the cost of their products: $1.00 for makeup brushes and $3.00 Blushes, who can beat that! plus they are good products, well pigmented and long lasting. I am really excited about this new find and i will most probably be shopping at target more often, not just for e.l.f but for the many other products they carry.
I am not a big fan of ULTA to be honest, i never quite find what i am looking for and if i was to buy the higher end products i much rather go to Sephora where i can really compare higher end brands not just a hand full. I like budget friendly beauty products and one of my favorite budget friendly products is N.Y.X. and to my surprise (again) i do not have to pay shipping for N.Y.X products because ULTA carries the brad. N.Y.X has a huge selection of products that as well as e.l.f are high pigmented and good to the skin. I love their jumbo eye pencils and their glitters. i am so glad i found these brands close to me, they have made my life a lot more convenient. Its hard to shop online because you do not know what it is exactly that you are paying for until you receive it. so now that I have shared my discovery with you, head to target and ULTA if you too love these brands!


Hey, hopefully QuickFix can help you undertake all the hard work that it takes to be a woman. Feel free to comment, and if you have any questions or ideas do not hesitate on letting me know.