Jan 30, 2012

Jan 25, 2012

We all Want Glowy Cheeks for Spring

We all see the glowy cheeks and want them. At times, when done the wrong way, it may look greasy and dirty. To not over-do it make sure to stick to these areas:

1. Above the cheek bone
2. Bridge of the nose
3. Cupids Bow
4. Inner corners of the eye
5. Brow bone
6. Temples
7. clavicle area

Apply a minimal amount and buff out with either a brush or fingers for a very natural outcome.

Jan 19, 2012

Iconic Makeup by Lisa Eldrige

The 50`s and 60`s are back!!!! I love how classy woman dressed and did their makeup. so excited for this new trend!!
(Please do not attempt the spider like lashes, they are way too much for a day to day look)

Jan 16, 2012

Sofia Vergara Arrasando!

Oh Sofia! she is stunning. I remember when i use to watch her in "Fuera de serie" a Latin travel show, now she is every where! from the face of Covergirl to Pepsi. She is thriving in the American market like no other, with her signature roll of the vivacious "Latina" with the feisty attitude. Its great to see someone as "Latina" as her make it in Hollywood.

Keep On Loosing Those Bobby Pins?

I buy cases of bobby pins and usually after a month of the purchase i have one or two still lingering arround, so to save some money here is the solution to all lost Bobby Pins. You can find these magnetic strips at any hardware store, Just place on any surface you like and begin saving those bobby pins. You can even use paper clip dispensers, the ones that have the magnetic rim on the top.

Jan 13, 2012

Dakota Fanning

WOW check her out! all grown up and gorgeous. Such an elegant young lady. Ever since she was little she has been such a role model and mature. check her out in this months Cosmopolitan issue.

Get Your Ombre Hair On!!

 I am currently obsessed with this style. "Ombre" Tips are lighter than roots. I have attempted this twice and it has not worked. I used boxed hair colors the ones you can find at a drug store. I recommend you get this done professionally with products that are bit more intense.

Jan 10, 2012

Always Hit on the Wingman

I usually receive magazines and barely read any of the articles in them. I have this idea that most of these feminine mags are filled with pictures and dumb "does he love me or not" quizes that half the time do not answer the question. Yes, they are definitely great for entertainment but not a great source of IQ enhancement. 

Any ways, besides my thoughts on these fashion oriented magazines, this months Glamour had a great article in it that cough my attention. Titled "Always Date the Wingman" (that will catch anyone's attention, great title) Written by Anonymous . Basically the book is about what the title imply`s, date the wingman! This book is out currently, if you do read it please  let me know how it goes.

Michelle Phan comes to Miami

Michelle Phan started her YouTube tutorials over two years ago and now after more than 1 million followers Lancome has hired her as their YouTube Makeup Guru. How cool is that?! not only does she get to represent one of the bigest cosmetic brands but she also gets sponsored, meaning that she gets a lot of products for free.. A girl only wishes!

With this new success there comes grater responsibility, like touring the major cities of this country and getting tons of media coverage as well as fans screaming your name (<< that i do not understand) Shes used to the cameras i can assume.

Makeup Parties

Jan 9, 2012

Large Vs Anorexic Models.

Yes, The standard "Model" is not a healthy woman but neither is a "large Model" which ever way this is looked at the honest truth is that large and anorexic is not healthy. Models should be woman that fit every aspect of a healthy person. 
I do not understand why either side of the spectrum is looked upon as ideal. The beauty industry should take pride on the woman that they photograph and put out there to represent every other woman on this earth and in my opinion it should not be a large nor an anorexic person. 
some one posted " if athletes are punished for using steroids to enhance their performance then models should be penalized for using Photoshop".. couldn't agree more!

Jan 5, 2012

Your eyebrow color

Never go darker with the eyebrows! Always aim for a shade or two lighter than your hair color. 
-Never over-wax, thicker brows make the face look younger and healthy.

Jan 4, 2012

Ojos delineados etilo gata.

1. Delineen la línea de pestañas del ojo
2. Marquen la alita de guía
3. conecten la alita con lo delineado 
4. rellenen.

Pueden usar diferentes tipos de delineadores como los que les estoy mostrando en la foto.

Jan 3, 2012

Cabello estilo Jennifer Lopez

Este estilo de cabello se puede conseguir igual con una plancha o tenasa.

Mint is in!

I love this color!! Any shade of mint is beautiful & the more you lean towards blue the prettier it is. This is a hue of the very famous Tiffany blue wish we all love. start the new year with mint!