Jul 28, 2011

Beauty Blog?

Wanna beauty blog? does everything you do revolve around beauty & fashion? leave us a message at quickfixmua@gmail.com and we will give you the specifics.

Jul 25, 2011

Green & Orange Nails

The obsession this summer is Orange and Green nails.. What do you think?

Jul 22, 2011

20% off ULTA

 Ladies here is a 20% off cupon for ULTA. This is Valid till 7/23/11 so take advantage of it.

Click on the link bellow to print the cupon:

Jul 14, 2011

Summer with some Sparkle!

I love the gold tones on summer especially when they have hints of glitter in them. My favorite combination this summer is Maui Wowie and Smog by Urban decay. Here are some picture on how i use both colors. i also used a shimmery white Polyester Bride by Urban Decay for highlight.

Here i used Maui Wowie on the lid and Smug on the crease.

I highlited my water duct as well as my brow bone with Polyester Bride. I also took Smog and lined my lower lash with it. With a liquid liner i lined and winged 1/3 of my eye.

Here is the final look! Perfect for summer. Sorry if the pictures i took are sorta yellow, the lighting where i took these pictures wasn't all that great. 


Jul 12, 2011

Bridal Do It Yourself Series.

We will be looking all over the internet for the best bridal makeup and hair tutorials we can find. Not everyone can splurge on a makeup artist on their wedding day and that's why we will narrow down the tutorials for you. we will look for the best and most educational tutorials out there. Also there are little tricks that will do wonders for bridal hair styles, so stay tuned with QuickFix to get your bits of information. We will also talk about Skin care prior to the big day as well as staying stress free.

Here is the firs video. This is Emily Noel with a "Bridal Bonanza". Make sure to click through the video for the videos that follow this one.

"Flawless Face"

"Cry Proof Eyes"                      

"2 in 1 Hair Styles"                    


WE HAVE A WINNER!! Jessica Prieto

Bridal Makeover giveaway!
Congratulations to Jessica Pietro, she has just won this package for her wedding day.

The package will include:
- Pro Make-up with the highest quality products.
- Facial cleansing and hydration before makeup.
- Pro Facial hair removal.
- Hair styling.

- wedding must be in the Miami area.
- send an email with your name and phone number.
- date of wedding, time and location.
- and a quick description of yourself.

Jul 5, 2011

Urban Decay 25% off

One of our favorite brands is having a 25% off! we wanted to share with you, so start shopping online at http://www.urbandecay.com/ and use code: FFSUMMER11 at check out.

YOU: Being Beautiful

We have picked up a new book this week called "YOU: Being Beautiful. The Owner's Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty" by Michael F. Roizen &  Mehmet C. Oz. (Dr. Oz)  We haven't gotten very far into it due to 4th of July festivities but so far it is a winner. The book is divided into 3 parts: Part I Looking Beautiful, Part II Feeling Beautiful, And Part III Being Beautiful. So as vain as this book sounds it actually isn't. Part I consists of how to take care of your self; skin, hair, teeth, and body, more like the scientific terms and reasons why hair is shiny or why you have dry skin and how to fix or maintain your specific situation. 

Part II "Feeling Beautiful" Well exactly that! how to feel beautiful. This section talks about the golden rule " If you feel good, you will look good". this section is very useful because it talks about simple diets, how to take care of certain aches and pains, how to obtain peace of mind and positive energy, and tuning within to self search and be who we truly want to be.

Finally Part III. Plainly being beautiful is generating positive energy that can only be achieved by the previous parts: Part I & Part II. 

What we really like about this book is that it gives you a YOU-Q ( Your "YOU I-Q") it basically asks you some questions in which you answer at the beginning of the book and once again after you are done reading the book. This quiz is made to give you a new perspective of on yourself and how exactly it is that you see your self. First it asks you about your physical appearance, then about how truly happy you are,  and finally you have to find words that describe you now and words that you would like to be described by. All these questions have a score and once all scores are added you get your YOU-Q which tells you how much work you really need to do to be content with yourself. 

As we progress on our reading we will keep you updated on certain tricks and facts given by the book. So far we have read that using a tennis ball to give back massages is very beneficial for both the massaged and the masseuse.