Dec 30, 2011

New Years Nudes

Nudes and glitter on the eyes are the look for this New Years Eve!

Dec 29, 2011

Curls with toilet paper rolls.

There are several ways to obtain these sexy curls, but non as great and easy as these!

Yes toilet paper tubes! cut to desired size and roll your hair with it. use bobbi pins to hold into place, just like a regular roller. 
You will be doing your recycling deed with this one.
Here is a tut on how to curl your hair with a Flat Iron (click here to see Tut)


Maquillaje para el nuevo Año

Este maquillaje es perfecto para esperar el año nuevo. Bien festivo con brillito en los parpados. espero que les guste!

Party Look

Here is Jessica Harlow with a great party look.

Dec 27, 2011

New Years Kiss.

is Michelle Phan showing us how to get that special kiss on a New Years eve Tut.

Muppets by OPI

should you text him?

Cute Moustache Nails.

Recycled hair rollers

For a while now we have been using bare toilet paper rollers as hair rollers. its cheap and it works just as good and your recycling at the same time. You can use toilet paper rollers as well as paper towel rollers. when you have gathered as many as 6 - 12 you can always cut them in half or in to a desired size. Use bobbi pins to hold in to place.

Dec 23, 2011

Amazing Brushes

I have been hearing about these Real Techniques brushes by pixi for the longest time and every time i went to Ulta to get them they where always sold out.. till today. In many of the makeup tuts they look good in size and shape therefor i wanted to give them a try... OMG!!!! they are incredible!! they blend so well and they leave the texture of the skin so natural. i love these brushes and i completely recommend them. Now i want the eyes kit.

Smokey Eyes.

As requested by Mercy. one of our facebook friends, here is a smokey eye Tut. please know that you do not have to use these exact products used in this video. Revlon has amazin quads that will work just as well.

Not everything is what it seems!

We all have that celebrity that we idolize, they always appear perfect in appearance but the truth is that its all fake. no matter how hard we try or how much makeup we buy we will never EVER be able to compete with Photoshop.  Makeup does help but the point of it is not to look perfect, our imperfections are what makes us unique and individuals. The point of makeup is to highlight our best features and most importantly to make us look healthy. glowing skin, no bags under the eyes etc. Here are perfect examples of a girls worst or best friend "Photoshop"

Dec 22, 2011

Day to Night

Nothing a bit of smudged eye liner cant accomplish.

Beautiful Hair Bun

This one is a bit harder to make but you have to try it!

Sparkly Nails

Voluminous sexy waves.

The trick to volume is to always blowdry your hair upwards, or by tilting your head forward and blow dry your hair upside down. for more volume always back-comb/ tease the hair. 

Dec 21, 2011

Dec 20, 2011

December Obsessions

This Months Obsessions

Chinese laundry shoes
Ivanka Trump Bag
Jasmine Peach tea
NYX Glitter Palette
Elf Blush
Rimmel Lipstick

Pink Holiday Nails

Spice up the Holidays with color and stay away from the "Lincoln park ofter dark" look a-like. be festive and bright with this collection. These are older colors but one of our all time favorites.   "Be A Dahlia wont you?" is our favorite!

(from left to right): I Lily Love You, a sparkling pink hue; Come To Poppy, a shimmering coral pink hue; Be A Dahlia Won’t You?, a bright fuchsia hue; and, Play The Peonies, a soft bubblegum pink hue. Each bottle retails for $8.50.
you can find these at

Christmas Cookie Ideas

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters

This is the deal. Everyone has been raving about these lip balms and we cant seem to get our hands on them! every time we go looking for them they are completly sold out. 

These are lip balms with tons of pigment to them, so you can wear them as lipstick. 
if you find them let us know where!

Dec 19, 2011

Head accessories for glamurous lazy`s

Lazy? throw on a headband!

Best Party Dress for Your Body

Cause we know you don’t want to be stuck with nothing to wear (or, worse, with the stretchy white “before” dress these four brave women put on), here’s Glamour’s guide to finding a style to flatter your exact shape and size.
Read More at:

Makeup party.

Host your own Makeup Party!

Perfect for:
Sweet 16`s
Bridal Shower
Girls Night (wine tasting)
Just Because!

Bring your curling iron!

5+ girls, host doesn't pay!

Party Must be scheduled 2 weeks in advance. 
Booking fee of $20. is required for Makeup kit. 
the fee is already part of the total $80pp

Holiday Tut.

Here is Miss Olivia with a gorgeous Holiday Tut.

Eye brushes and what they do.

Lid: For applying eyeshadow all over the lid.
Crease: To apply definition to the crease, this is perfect.
Blend: For blending the lid color and the crease color for a natural appearance.

Straight Liner: for any particular defined line, to line the eye or create any design.
Angled Liner: usually used to apply gel liner / liner.
Slanted liner: for eye liner or to fill in brows. 

Double Ended Brow: to fill in brow and bruch is to distrubute color even more.
Smudge: to smudge any creamy eye color. used on the lash line.

Day to Night Makeup Tut.

So here is my first talked through Tut. Please bare with me since this is my first video. I promise they will get better. as far as my right eye`s fake lash, it did not have anything on it as it appears like i do, the light reflected a weird shade on it. The tut was actually 20 minutes long :( i have to get used to editing but i hope you guys enjoy the tips i give here.

Cheap Michael Kors dress. Go Get it!!!!

Dec 17, 2011

Holiday Hair Braid

Make sure to switch strands under, if they are done strand over strand it wont look the same.