May 7, 2012

Supermodels Without Photoshop


We all have our own "imperfections" making us all unique.

May 3, 2012

Rainbow Hair Tips With Chalk

 This trend is one that has won my heart after a difficult tug-of-war. I understand that this may be a bit too much for some and thats why i am giving you a pretty amazing alternative.


For those of you that wish to color your tips permanently i do suggest some lightening of the tips prior to the wild colors, this will allow the colors to be much more vibrant

NOW CHALK >>  Most art supply stores have a huge array of colored chalk. Just buy the colors you like and color your tips. Lighter tips will also show the color of the chalk  much better.

Weight Stereotyping?!

I love Glamour Magazine, they always have the best stories and surveys. This Months Glamour touches a sensitive subject: women stereotyping each other due to weight. The poll surveyed 1,800 women ages 18-40.(source, Glamour)

What did the results show??
-Plus size ladies stereotyped fellow plus size women as "Sloppy" (source, Glamour)
-Skinny ladies stereotyped other slim women as "Mean"(source, Glamour)   


For more details check out this months Glamour Magazine :)

May 2, 2012

Celebrities Before And After Surgery

Its a shame for some of these celebrities to alter their appearance when they looked amazing to start with. This is just proof that even the sexiest, smartest and most "confident" woman still have insecurities. 

 Case Study #1 Megan Fox.
Megan Fox began her career looking very feminine, but now Megan looks a bit more masculine with her facelift and cheek bone implants, as well as the lip injections. BIG THUMBS DOWN
what a shame she was gorgeous before.

Case Study #2 Kim Kardashian.
As much as Kim denies it, it is pretty obvious that she has done some cosmetic work. Unlike Megan Fox this was a change for the better. BIG THUMBS UP!

You can tell the biggest difference in her eyebrows, they sit a bit higher in her face.

Case Study #3 Beyonce
Boyonce`s case is not that of cosmetic surgery but rather a case of styling. One can notice a difference but this difference is created by the pure art of makeup and hair styling.

How Thick EyeBrows Keep You Young

What happens to our eyebrows when we get old? well, one of the main indicators of aging is the loss of hair and eyebrows are not immune to the process. Older women tend to have less eyebrow hair, leading them to pencil them in creating the "sharpie" effect (a thin line for eyebrows). 

To maintain your youth DO NOT over pluck or wax your eyebrows! Maintain them as full as you can for as long as possible. 

Remember that eyebrows frame the face, giving us a particular look, hence > cartoons and how eyebrows give them certain characteristic and emotions. check out my "Eyebrows" post to get a better understanding.