Dec 7, 2011

Contour and Hihlight

Countouring and highlighting is what shapes the face, if done right it can make you look slimmer, create cheek bones and give a fake face lift. 

Contour (the darker shade) should be applied to the hallow areas of the face and highlight (the lighter shade) to the bony areas or areas that you would like to stand out.

Most people contour after they have applied foundation but i will give you a tip on doing the same without the exess of makeup. 

Contouring tip: 
This should be done as a foundation routine. buy a shade lighter than your skin and a shade darker. Apply as the picture above and blend. Your done! I find that when i use wet hands to blend, the makeup appears a bit more natural, the same for damped brushes.

Jeniffer Lopez is known for just doing this technique, nothing else!

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