Jan 10, 2012

Always Hit on the Wingman

I usually receive magazines and barely read any of the articles in them. I have this idea that most of these feminine mags are filled with pictures and dumb "does he love me or not" quizes that half the time do not answer the question. Yes, they are definitely great for entertainment but not a great source of IQ enhancement. 

Any ways, besides my thoughts on these fashion oriented magazines, this months Glamour had a great article in it that cough my attention. Titled "Always Date the Wingman" (that will catch anyone's attention, great title) Written by Anonymous . Basically the book is about what the title imply`s, date the wingman! This book is out currently, if you do read it please  let me know how it goes.

Besides being a great way to market the book, the article on this months Glamour gives a brief description of what the book is about and nine rules for getting the love life you want. Ofcourse i read these and found every rule pretty much as simple as common sence. Regardless, i found a man writing for woman and giving us advice pretty interesting and though i should share and give you guys a heads up on this new read.

Here are four of the nine rules to live the love life you want.

1. Flirting goes best when it feels effortless: Basically when you feel no pressure you are usually better at being yourself.

2. Men Crave what they don't have: well that's the oldest trick in the book! don't we all want what we cant have?

3. Competition makes the heart beat harder: This is just part two to rule number 2. Men love some competition.

4. And the "wingman" could be your man: hmmm.. well, just because the dude didn't charm you in the first 10 minutes doesn't mean you will not fall in love with him in the next 20.

Also in this issue they had a fun poll taken by man on different things they though about woman.

- During dinner he finds it sexy when you order a steak 38%
- He finds bra straps showing sexy 42%
- He wants a committed relationship 68%
- He appreciate you introducing yourself at a bar 64%
- He prefers doggy style 31%

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