Jan 10, 2012

Michelle Phan comes to Miami

Michelle Phan started her YouTube tutorials over two years ago and now after more than 1 million followers Lancome has hired her as their YouTube Makeup Guru. How cool is that?! not only does she get to represent one of the bigest cosmetic brands but she also gets sponsored, meaning that she gets a lot of products for free.. A girl only wishes!

With this new success there comes grater responsibility, like touring the major cities of this country and getting tons of media coverage as well as fans screaming your name (<< that i do not understand) Shes used to the cameras i can assume.

This is such an inspiring story, something similar to what my happy ending would entail, only difference would be that i would represent Latinas and cater to the Hispanic community creating amazing videos in Spanish and perhaps get sponsored by a Latin brand.  ;)

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